How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? Part 2

Well… I fully intended to get the rest of this book unit finished and put on Teachers Pay Teachers this week, BUT… a sick TA, Valentine party prep, and a husband working insane hours, I just didn’t get to. So even thought he full unit isn’t on TPT yet, I am at least sharing the rest of the unit with you on here! I’ll update once the full unit is available!

Our whole week centered around the book “How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?” (Click on the book cover to get a copy!)

Book Cover

My earlier post spelled out all of our comprehension, writing, and circle time activities! You can check it out here! In this post, We’re talking about all of our book activities, math activities, and poems!

Each day, we do some kind of activity that connects to the book. It may be writing, art, drama, cooking, or anything else that’s high interest, engaging, and ties to our state pre-k guidelines! Here’s what we did this week with this book:

Day 1: We did a shared writing activity on a large chart. We talked about and wrote about what love looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Day 2: We made  a list of people we love. This led into our writing activity later in the day when we wrote a book about people we love. You can read the details of that here.

Day 3: We made an “I Love You To Pieces” card for our parents. We cut up pink and red paper and then glued it onto the card. We were very careful to only use one dot of glue on each piece of construction paper!

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Well… most of us were very careful not to use too much glue!!


Some of us dumped half the bottle on the paper and had to put the construction paper pieces on until it was all covered!

Day 4: We used paint to stamp hearts.

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Once they were dry, we added our sentences from our interactive writing activity earlier in the week! My favorite part of this is their dinosaur names! They thought that part was so funny! For more details about this writing activity, check it out here!


We usually do 5 book activities ( one each day), but with Valentine parties and library this week, we only did four.

Our math focus this week was counting and making sets of 8 and 9. The first activity we did was using dinosaur counting mats and heart-shaped candy.

Dino Snip 4

I called out a number, and my kiddos raced to feed their dinosaur that many pieces of candy. BUT… to keep the focus on the math and not on the race, we either ALL won or we ALL lost! If everyone fed their dinosaur the right amount of candy by the time I said stop, we ALL won. This keeps things positive and upbeat, and it eliminates tears and drama when someone loses!

We used playing cards to play “Who Has More?” (When I was a kid, this game was known as war. But, we now use kinder, gentler card game titles!)

We used dinosaur and heart stickers to make sets of 8 and 9 on ten frames.

8 and 9 Snip

We used Unifix cubes to play a partner game where we explore different ways to make 8. Both partners have 8 cubes, each set in a different color. They take turns choosing how many cubes to trade. After they trade, each partner counts how many of the first color they have. The they each count the second color. Then they each count their whole tower. Their favorite was when they had 4 and 4 of each color because their towers were the same!

And, last but not least… our poems for the week!

I love, love, LOVE using poetry in my classroom!! We do at LEAST 2 poems each week, but usually more! Here are the poems I use with this unit:

The first one is called “Hearts.”

Hearts Snip

The second one is called “I’m a Little Valentine.”

Little Valentine Snip

And the last one is “The Queen of Hearts.” I absolutely LOVE teaching my kids nursery rhymes to my kids, and I use them whenever I can!!

Queen Snip

This was such a fun week! And, it was capped off with our Valentine party this afternoon to end the week!

Now, I’m switching my focus to Dr. Seuss!! Our next two book units are “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Cat in the Hat!” These book units WILL be posted here and on Teachers Pay Teachers!! So, keep checking back or follow us on Facebook to see right away when they are posted!!

Happy teaching!!

The Giant Leaf Pile

I just have to share this…

Winter is usually pretty nonexistent here in north Texas, but we’ve just had a pretty major cold snap that kept us indoors during recess time for almost two weeks! We finally got to go outside, and Mother Nature had created the most glorious leaf pile in the corner of our playground! My kiddos discovered it pretty quickly, and then the fun began! They were running and jumping, laughing and smiling, and shouting “CANNON BALL!!!” as they jumped!! They were tossing leaves up into the air and burying each other in the pile! It was SO much fun to watch them experience one of the pure joys of being a kid!

I think the best part for me was the spontaneity of the whole thing. I couldn’t have created that experience if I’d tried! I guess it just goes to show that sometimes the best parts of our day are the unplanned and kid-generated ones! I wish I didn’t have to cover up their faces so you could see how excited they were!

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Back In Action

After almost five years away from the classroom, I am now officially back! And what’s even better is that I’m back in pre-k! I started the week before Christmas break, but I didn’t get to really dig into my new room until the break started.

The good news is that my room was FULL of stuff! I’m pretty sure I’ve got just about everything Lakeshore sells! The amount of resources (a lot of which had never been opened) is crazy!!

But, there was also some bad news…

The stuff was all just randomly stuck into shelves and cabinets with no rhyme or reason to it (as you can see in the pic below). There was also a lot of really old stuff, damaged stuff, etc., that I just have no need for.  There was even one crate full of files that were so old, they still had transparencies in them! Yikes!!


But, with the help of my lovely assistant (my amazing daughter) and her friend, we got everything cleaned out and organized after three FULL days of work! We also had to get rid of all the purple and zebra. No offense to people who like that decor, but it’s just not my thing!


The shelves definitely look better now, and all of these amazing things I have for my kiddos to use are actually organized so I can find what I’m looking for!


It’s still a work in progress, and I don’t have a lot of “after” pics yet, but they will be coming! For now, I’m just excited to be back in classroom doing what I do best!!