14 Days to go and ANOTHER FREEBIE!!

14 Days

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year!! I want to share one more activity that we did during our plants unit!

At the beginning of our unit, we explored some different fruits and vegetables to find out if they had seeds in them. As we always do with science-y things, we started with a prediction! We had a recording sheet that we used to predict whether or not the fruits and vegetables have seeds.

Seed Investigation Snip 1

After we made our predictions, we got to dig in to the real fruits and vegetables to see if our predictions were right!

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Most of the kiddos were VERY surprised to see that bananas DO have seeds!


As we explored each fruit or vegetable, the kiddos recorded their discoveries about whether or not they have seeds.

Once the exploration was complete, they had the chance to draw and write about each fruit and vegetable and what they discovered during the exploration!

Seed Investigation Snip 2

It was so much fun to see the kiddos discover new things about fruits and vegetables they may have been eating for years!! If you want to grab your own FREE copy of the recording sheets, just click the link below!!

My Seed Investigation

Happy teaching!!

Our Plants Experiments: Part 2

In our first plants experiment, we wanted to find out what type of seed would grow the fastest. You can read all about it here: Our Plants Experiments: Part 1

But this experiment was all about the sun! I’m sure by now that you’ve seen how to grow lima bean seeds in baggies hanging on your window. BUT… we added a dimension to it! We decided to see if the bean seeds would grow taller in the window with full sun, on the bookshelf with partial sun, or in the closet with no sun.

Just like we do with every experiment, we started by making our predictions. For this one, we did a chart with tally marks. Here’s what the kiddos thought would happen:


As you can see, almost everyone thought the bean seeds would grow the tallest in the window. A few kiddos predicted the seeds on the bookshelf would grow the tallest. And, no one predicted they would grow the tallest in the cabinet.

The next step was to get the baggies ready. We did this one table at a time. (I just kept it simple since we were hanging them in three locations!) Each table prepared three baggies of bean seeds. It’s really very simple! All we had to do was wet some cotton balls and drop in a few lima beans! Once each table was done, we hung up the baggies in their respective locations!

IMG_6990    IMG_6989    IMG_6991

And then we waited… We patiently checked in on them every day, until finally we had some action!!


The bean seeds in the window were growing roots! I took the baggie down and we spent some time observing, discussing, and recording our observations in our plant journals.

As we kept observing the growth of the seeds in the three different locations, the ones in the window were definitely off to the best start!


They were the first to have roots, the first to have leaves, and for several days it looked like our predictions were going to be right! But then…

We came back after a weekend and the seeds on the bookshelf had taken off!


Isn’t that the most fantastic root growth?!?! Again, we took the baggie down and spent some time observing, discussing, and recording our observations in our plant journals.

Over the ext several days, this growth trend just continued. In the end, we were all surprised when the seeds on the bookshelf ended up being the tallest! Here are the final pics of the baggies from the window and the bookshelf:

It wasn’t even close! The seeds from the bookshelf were about three times as tall as the ones in the window!

And, even though we all pretty much knew the seeds in the closet didn’t stand a chance, one of them decided to try! And it gave us some amazing discussion about why sun is so important for plants!


All it took was one of my usual “What do you notice?” questions, and right away the kiddos told me that this plant was a different color! There was some debate about whether it was white or yellow, but we could all agree that it was NOT green!

This was such a fun experiment with SO many learning opportunities along the way!

If you want to grab your own copy of my plant journal, you can get it for FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!!

Plant Journal Snip 1

My Plant Journal FREEBIE!!

It’s super easy to use! Here’s what you do:

1. Print the cover page.
2. Choose which variety of writing paper you would like to use. Print that page. (If your kiddos aren’t ready for lines yet, skip this step!)
3. Decide how many pages you want in each journal and make that many copies of the writing paper.
4. Put the cover page on top of the writing paper copies and make one copy of the journal for every two kiddos you have. (Ex: If you have 20 kiddos, make 10 copies of the journal.)
5. Cut each set in half, staple the pages together, and your journals are ready!

If you need some great books to read to your kiddos to go along with this experiment, you might want to try these!!


A Bean’s Life CycleBean Life Cycle

Carrots Grow Underground   Carrots Grow Underground

The Carrot Seed   The Carrot Seed

The Tiny Seed   The Tiny Seed

Happy teaching!!


Our Plants Experiments: Part 1

18 Days

Only 18 days until summer!!! The weather is finally getting hot here, so I have to admit that I’ve DEFINITELY got summer fever!! But… for 18 more days, I’ve got a classroom full of 4-year-olds who are still expecting me to show up and be amazing every day!! So, we are doing LOTS of science!

We’re wrapping up two different science experiments that we did as part of our Plants & Gardening Theme. This post is going to detail one of them, and later this week I’ll share all about the second one!

We knew we were going to plant some different kinds of seeds, but we decided that we wanted to see which seeds would grow the fastest. So, our first step was to make predictions. We had three kinds of seeds to plant: carrot, cucumber, and green bean.


We made a chart to record our predictions. Each kiddo got a small piece of construction paper in either orange (carrots), light green (cucumbers), or dark green (green beans) to match the vegetable they predicted would grow the fastest. The each wrote their name on their paper and glued it to the chart.


Please excuse my lack of artistic ability!! The plan was for each kiddo to plant the type of seed they thought would grow the fastest. But… none of them chose green beans. Not a single kiddo! So… my TA and I each wrote our names on the green bean column so we could plant all three types of seeds. And, boy am I glad we did! (You’ll see why later when you see the ending pictures!)

The next step was definitely the most fun! We planted the seeds!!

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For several days, nothing happened. But after about a week, we finally had some action!


The carrots definitely grew the fastest! We kept watering and watching to see when the cucumbers and green beans would sprout. A couple days later, they started peeking through!


The cucumbers were the second fastest to grow. But, the green beans sure had a surprise in store for us!! When we left on Friday, they were just a couple of inches tall. But when we came back on Monday, they were huge!!!


Throughout the process, we checked on the progress of our plants and recorded our observations. You can grab the Seed Experiment Recording Sheet by clicking on the link!

You might also be interested in the Plants & Gardening Resources in my TPT store!!

Need some good books to read to go along with this experiment? Here are some of my favorites! Just click on the book titles to grab your own copy!

A Bean’s Life CycleBean Life Cycle

Carrots Grow Underground   Carrots Grow Underground

The Carrot Seed   The Carrot Seed

The Tiny Seed   The Tiny Seed

Stay tuned for the details of our other plants experiment!! It was just as fun, but the way it turned out definitely surprised us!!


Happy teaching!!


Green Eggs and Ham Week!

This week was all about “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss! We had so much fun reading, playing, and rhyming! This book is one that I could read a million times, and my kiddos would never get tired of it. We read it each day with a different comprehension focus. We make predictions, we ask questions about the story, we answer questions about the story, we read it with hand motions, we retell the story, and we compare/contrast the book to “I Am NOT Going to Get Up Today!” It has a similar theme of the main character refusing to do something throughout the book. The difference is that one character ends up doing the thing he didn’t want to do and the other doesn’t. My kiddos also noticed that someone ate eggs at the end of both stories!

We played some fun circle time games this week, too! My kiddos always love playing Snap! This ham and eggs version was just as fun as the others!


I glue the eggs and ham pieces onto craft sticks and turn them picture-side down in a little basket I have. My kiddos take turns pulling out a stick, looking at the letter, and telling me the sound it makes. If they’re right, they get to keep the stick. If they pull out a stick that says “Snap!” everyone says, “Oh, snap!!” and we all put our sticks back. I try to keep going until everyone has had 2 or 3 turns, and they usually beg me to keep playing after that!

We also played “Sam, Sam, Where’s Your Egg?”

Green Eggs Circle Snip 3

And “Green Eggs, Green Eggs On the Ground”


But… our very favorite this week was the “Green Eggs and Ham and Ham” chant that I literally made up driving to work one morning this week! We started by tapping the beat to the chant by patting the floor twice and clapping twice. (My kiddos loved the fact that I let them sit on their knees for this one instead of being criss-cross!) Then we said this chant:

Green Eggs Circle Snip 5

I used the Ham and Eggs Rhyming Cards with this one.

Green Eggs Circle Snip 2

I chose a card and used the two rhyming pictures on it to fill in the first two blanks. Then on the third one, my kiddos got to call out another word that rhymes. They absolutely LOVED this game!! They were literally walking around all week chanting “Green eggs and ham and ham! Green eggs and ham!”

All of these circle time games along with directions and printables are in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Just click on the product image below to get your own set!

Green Eggs Circle 6


We had a blast with our shared reading this week! We learned the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty,” a predictable chart all about green things, and an adding poem called “Five Little Eggs.”

We added some hand motions to “Humpty Dumpty” to keep it fresh, and we made up new versions that had Humpty sitting on things other than a wall. We had to generate rhyming words to complete the nursery rhyme!

The green predictable chart was great because it is so simple. I printed the words to it and used them in the pocket chart with picture support. At the end of the week, each kiddo got their own copy of the chart in a small book. They love being able to read the book all by themselves!

And, the math poem was a blast because my kiddos got to take turns being the eggs! They love when we get to act things out!

All of these shared reading resources are in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, too! Just click the product image below to get yours!

Green Eggs and Ham Shared Reading Snip 1


I think the favorite of the week though was science! (Well… let’s be honest. Science is ALWAYS a favorite with prekinders!)

We got to crack open eggs to explore what’s inside of them…


We did a taste test with different green fruits and vegetables…

(I didn’t get a lot of pics of this one because my TA was gone, so I was flying solo!)


And, of course, we made green eggs and ham!


Next week we’re moving on to “The Cat in the Hat!” I’m already so excited about some of things we’ll be doing! Check back for posts next week will all of our activities!

You might also want to check out my Ham and Eggs Word Cards and my Ham and Eggs Recipe Writing FREEBIE!!

If you need a copy of “Green Eggs and Ham,” just click on the book cover to grab one from Amazon!

Green Eggs Book Snip

Happy teaching!!

Science Time! Mixing Colors

All week long we’ve been experimenting with mixing colors, and I want to share our two favorite activities! The first was mixing play dough to make new colors. I know, I know! You probably think I’m crazy for actually telling my kiddos to mix play dough together! But, before you completely write off this activity, just hear me out! I gave VERY clear instructions before we did this. They understood that the ONLY time it was OK to mix play dough was right then, at their tables, with the two balls of play dough I gave to them. And we have had ZERO problems with them trying to mix the colors during centers since we did this!

I gave them each two small balls of play dough. They got two pick the two colors from red, yellow, and blue. Then they started squeezing! I wish I had recorded their shrieks of joy and excitement when the new color started to appear! Even though I had shown them what would happen with each combination of colors before they did it on their own, They still couldn’t believe that their play dough did the same thing! And, they were even more excited when I gave each of them a small baggie to put their play dough into so they could take it home! I had to cover my sweet kiddos faces, but here are a couple pictures of them in action!



The other color mixing activity they absolutely loved was called Walking Water! We started by butting water into some clear cups and adding food coloring to color it red, yellow, or blue. We also put an empty cup between each pair of colors.


Just adding the food coloring and watching the water change was exciting enough! They kept saying, “Mrs. A! You’re magic!!” I probably could’ve stopped after that, and they would’ve been perfectly happy. But… We kept going!

Next, we added paper towel strips to the cups so that one end was in the colored water and one end was in the empty cup. They noticed right away that the colored water was already starting to move up each paper towel strip!



Once that was done, the experiment became a waiting game. After a few hours, you could start to see water in the empty middle cups. But, the best part was when we came back the next day! The middle cups now had green, orange, and purple water in them!



The kids were so excited about it that they didn’t want me to take the experiment away! So, I had to promise them I would take pictures of the cups and make a book about our experiment!

What are your favorite activities for color mixing???