Green Eggs and Ham Week!

This week was all about “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss! We had so much fun reading, playing, and rhyming! This book is one that I could read a million times, and my kiddos would never get tired of it. We read it each day with a different comprehension focus. We make predictions, we ask questions about the story, we answer questions about the story, we read it with hand motions, we retell the story, and we compare/contrast the book to “I Am NOT Going to Get Up Today!” It has a similar theme of the main character refusing to do something throughout the book. The difference is that one character ends up doing the thing he didn’t want to do and the other doesn’t. My kiddos also noticed that someone ate eggs at the end of both stories!

We played some fun circle time games this week, too! My kiddos always love playing Snap! This ham and eggs version was just as fun as the others!


I glue the eggs and ham pieces onto craft sticks and turn them picture-side down in a little basket I have. My kiddos take turns pulling out a stick, looking at the letter, and telling me the sound it makes. If they’re right, they get to keep the stick. If they pull out a stick that says “Snap!” everyone says, “Oh, snap!!” and we all put our sticks back. I try to keep going until everyone has had 2 or 3 turns, and they usually beg me to keep playing after that!

We also played “Sam, Sam, Where’s Your Egg?”

Green Eggs Circle Snip 3

And “Green Eggs, Green Eggs On the Ground”


But… our very favorite this week was the “Green Eggs and Ham and Ham” chant that I literally made up driving to work one morning this week! We started by tapping the beat to the chant by patting the floor twice and clapping twice. (My kiddos loved the fact that I let them sit on their knees for this one instead of being criss-cross!) Then we said this chant:

Green Eggs Circle Snip 5

I used the Ham and Eggs Rhyming Cards with this one.

Green Eggs Circle Snip 2

I chose a card and used the two rhyming pictures on it to fill in the first two blanks. Then on the third one, my kiddos got to call out another word that rhymes. They absolutely LOVED this game!! They were literally walking around all week chanting “Green eggs and ham and ham! Green eggs and ham!”

All of these circle time games along with directions and printables are in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Just click on the product image below to get your own set!

Green Eggs Circle 6


We had a blast with our shared reading this week! We learned the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty,” a predictable chart all about green things, and an adding poem called “Five Little Eggs.”

We added some hand motions to “Humpty Dumpty” to keep it fresh, and we made up new versions that had Humpty sitting on things other than a wall. We had to generate rhyming words to complete the nursery rhyme!

The green predictable chart was great because it is so simple. I printed the words to it and used them in the pocket chart with picture support. At the end of the week, each kiddo got their own copy of the chart in a small book. They love being able to read the book all by themselves!

And, the math poem was a blast because my kiddos got to take turns being the eggs! They love when we get to act things out!

All of these shared reading resources are in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, too! Just click the product image below to get yours!

Green Eggs and Ham Shared Reading Snip 1


I think the favorite of the week though was science! (Well… let’s be honest. Science is ALWAYS a favorite with prekinders!)

We got to crack open eggs to explore what’s inside of them…


We did a taste test with different green fruits and vegetables…

(I didn’t get a lot of pics of this one because my TA was gone, so I was flying solo!)


And, of course, we made green eggs and ham!


Next week we’re moving on to “The Cat in the Hat!” I’m already so excited about some of things we’ll be doing! Check back for posts next week will all of our activities!

You might also want to check out my Ham and Eggs Word Cards and my Ham and Eggs Recipe Writing FREEBIE!!

If you need a copy of “Green Eggs and Ham,” just click on the book cover to grab one from Amazon!

Green Eggs Book Snip

Happy teaching!!

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? Part 1

I absolutely LOVE this book!! “How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?” is such a fun book unit for the week of Valentine’s Day! It’s great for starting discussions about how people show love to each other, and it’s a great companion to a kindness unit (which we are also doing this week). And, it’s actually a GOOD book, which a lot of the Valentine’s Day books out there simply are not. I’ve got a stack of them in my room, and I’m just not a huge fan of many of them. But, this book is one of my faves! (Click on the cover to get a copy!)

Book Cover

EVERYTHING in our classroom this week connects to this book! Here are a few of the things we are doing with it…

I read this book to my kiddos every day. (Yes, you read that right! We read it every day!) Each day we focus on a different comprehension skill, and each day we go a little deeper into the story. This accomplishes a couple of things. First, by the end of the week, my kiddos KNOW the story, and they can “read” the book independently. Second, the text becomes more and more familiar as we go through the week, so we can use it to work on skills that just can’t be accomplished after a single reading. And third, they learn the joy of reading a book more than once. They get to see how you notice things and learn things each time you read. And, the desire to read a text multiple times is really important as they get older! (I plant those seeds any way I can!) Here is what we do with the book throughout the week:

  • Day 1: We make lots of predictions as we read. We notice the pattern of the story (two bad choices followed by one good choice). We notice the different ways the dinosaurs show their parents that they love them, and we predict how they might show love next.
  • Day 2: We answer questions about the text. We notice details in the pictures. We talk about how the characters are feeling and why. We make connections to our own lives by talking about things in the book that we have also experienced.
  • Day 3: We focus on vocabulary. By now, we’ve heard the story enough that it is familiar, and we can use the context of the story to help figure out what the words mean. I usually pick three vocabulary words to focus on, and for this story, we use suddenly, tight, and disaster.
  • Day 4: We retell the story by creating a story map that includes the characters, setting, and main events in the story.
  • Day 5: We describe the ways the dinosaurs in the story show their parents they love them and compare those to the ways we show our parents that we love them.


Our circle time games always focus on phonological awareness, but they can also be played just for the fun of playing the game. Here are the games we do with this unit:

  • Dinosaur, Dinosaur, On the Ground: We put cards out on the carpet that hdve the letters on them. We say our dinosaur chant and take turns picking up a cars to say the sound of the letter.

Dino Snip 1

  • Hot Potato: We play music and pass a glittery heart around the circle. When the music stops, the kiddo holding it looks at one of the dinosaur rhyming cards and says another word that rhymes with the two pictures on the card.
  • Snap!: We have a basket that has craft sticks in it. Each craft stick has either a heart or a dinosaur glued to the end of it. The hearts have letters on them and the dinosaurs say “Snap!” We take turns picking a stick out of the can (they are in the can with the hearts/dinosaurs down). If we get a heart, we name the letter and say its sound. If we get a dinosaur, everyone has to put their sticks back in the can.
  • Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Where’s Your Heart?: This is a dino version of Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone? We use heart cards that have beginning sound pictures on them. Each time we use a different card. One kiddo is the dinosaur. She leaves the carpet and hides her eyes. Another kiddo gets one of the heart cards and hides it in his lap or behind his back. The “dinosaur” comes back, and we say the chant. The “dinosaur” gets three guesses to try to figure out who has the heart.

Dino Snip 2

  • Feed the Dinosaur: We have a box that is made to look like a dinosaur with his mouth open. We have cards that have hearts on them and different pictures. We take turns choosing a card that starts with the L sound (L for love) and feeding it to the dinosaur. He only wants to eat things that start with L!

For the full details and all the printables of the circle time activities, hop on over to our Teachers Pay Teachers StoreĀ to grab a copy! It’s 50% off for the first 24 hours!

Dino Snip 3

Our writing activities all relate to the book too! We do a combination of shared writing, interactive writing, and independent writing. Here’s what our writing lessons look like:

  • Things that are red: We do a shared writing activity where we make a bubble map of red things. The we do independent writing and make a list of things that are red.
  • People I Love: We get to be authors and write books about people we love.
  • I Show Love When I: We do an interactive writing activity where we each tell how we show our parents that we love them. I write the sentences on a large chart and we use those sentences for a craft we do later in the week. (We spread this out over two days. Sitting still long enough to do every kiddo in the class just isn’t realistic!)
  • Dinosaur Story: We work together in a shared writing format to write a story about a dinosaur. Then we each write our own dinosaur stories.
  • Valentine Messages: We write Valentine messages for people we love.


Check back later this week for our book activities, math lessons, poems, and companion read alouds! We’ll also be posting the full unit to Teachers Pay Teachers!



Best Winter Books for Pre-K

Reading books to my pre-k kiddos is one of my favorite things to do! But, finding the right ones to read can be challenging! So… to help you out, here is a list of my top 10 favorite winter-themed books for pre-k!! You can grab your own copy of any of them by clicking on the book cover!

Snowy Day

Snowmen at Night

There Was a Cold Lady


Book Cover

The Jacket I Wear


Three Snow Bears

Bear Snores On

The Hat


Those are my favorites! What are your favorite winter-themed books???