I am so amazed by the way God can take any adversity or obstacle and use it for his purpose. The Jews were absolutely relentless about either having Paul executed or killing him themselves to stop him from preaching the gospel. In fact, Paul had been in prison for two years because of it. But God was working.

He had a plan for Paul to take the gospel to Rome. He actually promised this to Paul a couple chapters ago. And, like only the Lord could do, he used these awful circumstances Paul was in to keep that promise. He sent Paul to Rome, even though Paul never in a million years could’ve imagined he’d go there as a prisoner in chains.

God is always faithful, and Paul knew that. He knew that he could trust the Lord no matter what. He knew that God always keeps his promises. He knew that all of his suffering was only temporary and that it was totally worth it in light of the cross. Paul knew God’s faithfulness in sending Jesus to the cross, and he knew God’s power to overcome anything because he overcame death. And because of all that, Paul walked in absolute obedience no matter what.

I needed to hear this today. No matter what is going on, God is sovereign. No matter what is going on, God is faithful. No matter what is going on, Jesus saved me and I can live in response to that by trusting him fully and walking in complete obedience to him. I can trust him with every piece of my life knowing that he’s always working things for my good and his glory.

God is always faithful.




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