Paul was preaching the gospel in Berea, and verse 11 says the Jews there “received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily.” The Lord just kept bringing me back to this verse, so I parked on it and really dug into it.

That word “eagerness” really blew me away. We think of being eager as being slightly excited for something to happen, but this use of the word is SO much more! Here, it means that their minds were ready for it, they were zealous about it, AND… get ready for this part… that action would surely follow. They were way more than slightly excited.

And was there action that followed? Yes! They responded to what they heard about Jesus by digging into Scripture to examine it, search it, and investigate it, every single day. They read and studied the Bible because they were so on fire for the truth of Jesus they just heard.

Is that the attitude I have when I read the Bible? Or when I listen to a sermon? Or when I’m in a worship service?

It should be.

And when I really think about the truth of the gospel, how Jesus died to pay for my sin even though he never sinned once, how the only reason I can avoid death is because God defeated it, how Jesus did this for me knowing I’d never be worthy of it, I do have that attitude. I get overwhelmed, and I do respond with the eagerness this passage talks about.

But how many times do I just go through the motions? How many times to I read the Bible to check a box? Or zone out during a sermon? Or enter worship in an absolute state of complacency?

See, another piece to this is that word “received.” It doesn’t just mean you get something. It means you deliberately accept what is offered. And I hate to admit it, but there are way more times than there should be that I’m not deliberate about how I read, study, or worship. I just go through the motions and move on.

All morning the Lord has been asking me, “Just exactly how eager are you for Jesus, Stephanie?”

Do I really have to answer that, Lord?

I don’t want to go through the motions.
I don’t want to be complacent.
I want to be eager for Jesus.

Because he is eager for me

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