Paul and Barnabas are continuing their journey of sharing the gospel. This time they’re in Lystra, and Paul heals a man who was unable to walk. The people there are completely amazed by this healing, but they don’t give God the glory. They give it to Paul and Barnabas because they think the two men are actually Zeus and Hermes disguised as people.

So why did they do this? Paul was very clearly teaching them about the Lord and the good news of the gospel when he healed the man. So, why wouldn’t they give the glory for that to God?

Here’s what the Lord showed me about that. They didn’t really know him or understand him yet. They were trying to fit God into their existing belief structure rather than changing their beliefs. So, of course they got it wrong.

The truth is, I’m guilty of this too. We all are. We want to fit God unto our lives rather than fitting our lives into God.

But here’s the problem with that: when I try to fit God into my life, that means there are spaces in my life that he doesn’t occupy. And if he’s not occupying a space, how will I possibly give him glory for what happens within that space?

It’s pretty simple. I won’t. I’ll glorify myself instead. And just like the people in Lystra, I’ll get it completely wrong.

To give God the glory for everything he’s doing in and through me, I have to give everything to him. All of me. 100%. Nothing held back. I have to invite him into my life completely, so that my life fits into him. I have to give every space there is and let him work within those spaces.

It’s only when I surrender everything to him that I will then turn glory to him for everything he does. .
And why would I not do that? The difference between me and the people in Lystra is that I do know the truth of the gospel. I know the incredible sacrifice that was made on my behalf, and I know how accepting that free gift has changed my life forever.

So I have no excuse. I’m so thankful that the Lord points this stuff out to me when I’m doing it. And I’m even more thankful that he’ll forgive me and let me try again.

Fit my life into God.
Give God the glory.

I’ve definitely got some work to do.

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