ACTS 13:1-12

I usually study an entire chapter in one setting, but the Lord stopped me short of that today. I kept reading verses 1-12 over and over again. For starters, I went to find out what a proconsul is. But after that, I was repeatedly draw to the work of the Holy Spirit in this passage.

This section of Scripture is only 12 verses long, and the Holy Spirit is mentioned three times. He was instrumental in what Paul and Barnabas did, so I really leaned into that. I see three distinct ways the Holy Spirit moves to ultimately bring the proconsul to faith.

First, he tells Paul and Barnabas what to do. Second, he sends them to do it. And third, he empowers them to do it once they get there. So basically none of this would’ve happened without the Holy Spirit.

But here’s the thing… None of this would’ve happened without Paul and Barnabas listening to the Holy Spirit either. They were intentionally seeking the Lord by worshiping and fasting when the Holy Spirit spoke to them. They knew he would tell them what God had next for them, but they had to seek him and his voice in order to hear it.

I needed this reminder.

I do a lot of talking TO God, but I need to be so much more intentional about spending time seeking his voice. You know that whole “two ears and one mouth” thing? Yeah, that applies to my relationship with God, too. I should listen to him AT LEAST twice as much as I talk to him.

But before I can listen to him, I have to hear him. And before I can hear him, I have to seek him.

Seek the Holy Spirit.

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