Do you ever pray so hard for God to do something that you end up missing what he’s actually doing? The believers sure did in this chapter. They were praying so hard for Peter to be released from prison that they didn’t even believe the servant when she told them he was at the door. In fact, they told her she was crazy! They were literally in the middle of praying for his freedom when he came to their door, and they didn’t believe he was there!

I have to think this is because God didn’t answer their prayers the way they were expecting. They were asking God to move, but they already had a picture in their minds of what that would look like. And when it didn’t look like they thought it should, they just didn’t believe it. They wanted to keep praying for the answer they thought they were going to get.

I’m SO guilty of this! All. The. Time. I get so focused on praying for MY answers that I don’t even consider HIS answers.

As if I know better than God what should happen.

He answered the believers’ prayers in this case in a way that completely blew them away. His plan was so much better than anything they could’ve ever imagined or asked for.

And he does the same thing for you and for me. But how many mind-blowing God things are we missing because we’re just praying for the answer that we’ve decided is the right one?

See, here’s the thing. God moves in our lives in ways we could never even imagine. We can absolutely ask him to move, and we should! But HOW he does it is up to him. And when we leave it up to him, he’ll blow us away every time! Just think about what he did through Jesus. No one could’ve ever imagined he’d redeem mankind the way he did, but his plans blow ours out of the water!

He wants us to ask him to move. He wants us to invite him in to every corner of our lives. And he wants to do amazing things in and through us.

So pray.
Pray hard.
Pray constantly.

Ask him to move, but don’t tell him how. And don’t let your asking keep you from the answer.

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