This chapter is all about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. It was one of the many amazing things he did during his life on earth, and shows us amazing truth about our redemption. (I’ll come back to that later.)

But the part of this story that the Lord really drew my attention to is the way Mary and Martha reacted throughout the whole situation.

First, it is so obvious that they loved Jesus and absolutely believed in his power. When their brother got really sick, the first thing they did was send for Jesus because they knew Jesus could save him. They new he had the power to heal and they desperately wanted him to do just that.

And Jesus does have the power to heal and save.

But the problem was that Jesus didn’t save their brother the way they wanted him to. So they immediately questioned Jesus and why he didn’t come sooner.

They trusted his power, but they didn’t trust his authority when they didn’t like the way he exercised it.

Basically, they doubted him because he didn’t do things their way.

Are you relating to them right now as much as I am?

I see so much of myself in this story. It’s so easy to trust Jesus’ authority when things are easy and he’s doing things the way I would hope.

But when things get hard… different ballgame.

I’m so quick to question his authority when I don’t like the way he’s working in my life. I mean, if I’m not comfortable, if something is painful, if everything seems to be going wrong, it can’t possibly be good for me, right?


See, the rest of the Lazarus story is that Jesus does raise him from the dead. He calls him out of the grave and tells his sisters to unbind him and let him go.

Everything he did was for Lazarus’ good and for Jesus’ glory.

Now, here’s the truth I said I’d come back to: Jesus does the same thing for us. Everything he does is for our good and his glory, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. He calls us out of the grave so that he can unbind us from sin and set us free from its power. He alone saves us.

And if we really trust his power to save, we also have to trust the way he uses his authority to do it.

Even when we don’t like it.


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