We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year!! I want to share one more activity that we did during our plants unit!

At the beginning of our unit, we explored some different fruits and vegetables to find out if they had seeds in them. As we always do with science-y things, we started with a prediction! We had a recording sheet that we used to predict whether or not the fruits and vegetables have seeds.

Seed Investigation Snip 1

After we made our predictions, we got to dig in to the real fruits and vegetables to see if our predictions were right!

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Most of the kiddos were VERY surprised to see that bananas DO have seeds!


As we explored each fruit or vegetable, the kiddos recorded their discoveries about whether or not they have seeds.

Exploring and Investigating Seeds in Preschool

Once the exploration was complete, they had the chance to draw and write about each fruit and vegetable and what they discovered during the exploration!

Seed Investigation Snip 2

It was so much fun to see the kiddos discover new things about fruits and vegetables they may have been eating for years!! If you want to grab your own FREE copy of the recording sheets, just click the link below!!

My Seed Investigation

Happy teaching!!

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