Only 18 days until summer!!! The weather is finally getting hot here, so I have to admit that I’ve DEFINITELY got summer fever!! But… for 18 more days, I’ve got a classroom full of 4-year-olds who are still expecting me to show up and be amazing every day!! So, we are doing LOTS of science!

We’re wrapping up two different science experiments that we did as part of our Plants & Gardening Theme. This post is going to detail one of them, and later this week I’ll share all about the second one!

A Pre-K Experiment With Plants

We knew we were going to plant some different kinds of seeds, but we decided that we wanted to see which seeds would grow the fastest. So, our first step was to make predictions. We had three kinds of seeds to plant: carrot, cucumber, and green bean.


We made a chart to record our predictions. Each kiddo got a small piece of construction paper in either orange (carrots), light green (cucumbers), or dark green (green beans) to match the vegetable they predicted would grow the fastest. The each wrote their name on their paper and glued it to the chart.


Please excuse my lack of artistic ability!! The plan was for each kiddo to plant the type of seed they thought would grow the fastest. But… none of them chose green beans. Not a single kiddo! So… my TA and I each wrote our names on the green bean column so we could plant all three types of seeds. And, boy am I glad we did! (You’ll see why later when you see the ending pictures!)

The next step was definitely the most fun! We planted the seeds!!

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For several days, nothing happened. But after about a week, we finally had some action!


The carrots definitely grew the fastest! We kept watering and watching to see when the cucumbers and green beans would sprout. A couple days later, they started peeking through!


The cucumbers were the second fastest to grow. But, the green beans sure had a surprise in store for us!! When we left on Friday, they were just a couple of inches tall. But when we came back on Monday, they were huge!!!


Throughout the process, we checked on the progress of our plants and recorded our observations. You can grab the Seed Experiment Recording Sheet by clicking on the link!

You might also be interested in the Plants & Gardening Resources in my TPT store!!

Need some good books to read to go along with this experiment? Here are some of my favorites! Just click on the book titles to grab your own copy!

A Bean’s Life CycleBean Life Cycle

Carrots Grow Underground   Carrots Grow Underground

The Carrot Seed   The Carrot Seed

The Tiny Seed   The Tiny Seed

Stay tuned for the details of our other plants experiment!! It was just as fun, but the way it turned out definitely surprised us!!


Happy teaching!!


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